Collateral Recovery & Repossession

Involuntary or Voluntary we are experts at recovering collateral . Not only are we a repossession company, we are also your solution for complete collateral recovery in the entire Tampa Bay area. Cars, Trucks, Vans, Boats, R.V.'s, Trailers, Limo's, Motorcycles, Airplanes, Mobile homes, Heavy Equipment and much more. Our staff can locate your collateral, anywhere. We have quick assignment action and comprehensive updates, condition reports, and pictures of collateral. Supercar Recovery provides you with the best chance of recovering your collateral and/or of finding your debtor. With a high recovery ratio, rest assured that we will exceed your expectations!


 At Supercar Towing & Recovery we offer expert repossession services to finance companies, banks and other lending institutions. Our experienced and knowledgeable team uses the latest and most advanced technological methods to track down and recover collateral including the use of DRN cameras on our tow trucks that can spot license plates and help identify the target vehicles. We specialize in vehicle repossession and our agents are trained to avoid confrontations and practice conflict minimizing techniques, allowing our clients to avoid any unpleasantness and reducing negative reactions from the debtor as well. Supercar Towing & Recovery is committed to providing the most reliable and dependable recovery services and doing so with honesty and integrity. 


 In some cases, individuals may be willing to voluntarily surrender their vehicles or other collateral to the lending institution when their loans. At Supercar Towing & Recovery we handle these matters with courtesy and professionalism, ensuring that our clients are represented positively during these encounters with the public. Additionally, We go the extra mile to provide outstanding service and employ the most effective conflict resolution techniques to ensure that each transaction is managed smoothly and with minimal stress for all parties. The management and staff of Supercar Towing & Recovery are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive recovery services for our clients and to make the entire voluntary repossession process painless and convenient.


Supercar Towing & Recovery offers impound recovery services and guarantees next day service on all impound services if we receive the request along with all needed paperwork before 1 PM. We recover and store the vehicle for the lien holder; storage for the first fifteen days is free of charge and included in the cost of the impound recovery. Supercar Towing & Recovery can handle impound cases  anywhere in the Tampa Bay are  and providing us with unique insights into the recovery business. We maintain a diverse staff of experienced agents who provide outstanding customer service and manage each impound recovery from start to finish to ensure our clients are completely satisfied and that their collateral is returned to them safely and quickly. 

 Secure Storage Facilities

Supercar Towing & Recovery storage facility has been designed to keep your vehicles or collateral as secure as possible. Motion detectors and cameras provide layers of protection on top of our  insurance coverage, the secure construction of our premises and the carefully controlled access we allow to our facility. With temperature and humidity managed. Our security gate helps us keep track of who is on our property and helps us ensure that only our customers can access our facility. Additionally, our security cameras help us monitor and record all activity on our property. 

Skip Tracing

Supercar Towing & Recovery employs the latest skip tracing technology and resources. With this data, we quickly identify good information and bad information. Our trained staff of skip tracers breaks down this data mass into understandable, actionable information. Supercar Towing & Recovery provides exceptional service for both consumer lenders and commercial lenders. We skip trace the account and locate for faster recovery of your collateral. In this way, we minimize your losses.